Questionnaire -

1.  This position is in Maine, and would require your presence here in order to perform the required duties;  are there any roots that you have here, and if not, what would make you want to live in Maine?

2.  In what town & state did you grow up and what was it like?  What kinds of things did you enjoy doing.


3.  What are your thoughts regarding the relationship between Owner & Contractor, how do you deal with disputes?


4.  What is the full extent of your hands on construction experience, including any light timber framed remodeling type work.

5.  What is your strongest characteristic that makes you the best candidate for this position, please explain in detail.

6.  What is your weakest characteristic that would hinder your job performance the most, again please explain in detail.

7.  What are the elements that you would expect to see within a set of detail plans for a bridge construction project?


8.  Are there any special requirements that you would need in order to be able to perform this job?

9.  We have required all our technical staff to perform onsite work as part of their training for a bridge contractor for a period of 1 week minimum, this helps I believe for them to be able to visualize their work more readily, and helps them to appreciate the value of correct engineering, and the cost of incorrect dimensions that are so pervasive throughout plansets these days, is there any reason that you would be unable to undergo that type of training?

10.  What important truth do very few people agree with you on?


11.  If you were offered this position today would you take it?


To apply for a position at Calderwood Engineering please send a brief cover letter answering the questions above.  You should also include your resume and the subject line of the email should be filled in as to what position you are applying for  -  email address to send information to is: